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Nautical Images Gallery Reopens

Nautical Images Gallery and Langley Photography are now located on the Camden Public Landing. The new gallery is located at 8 Public Landing, nestled between Cappy's Chowder house and the waterfall, overlooking the docks of bustling Camden Harbor. One of the best perks is that Alison can dock her chase boat right outside in front of the gallery! We couldn't be happier with the studio, and the gallery will be up and running by July 1. Please stop in and shop for nautical prints, posters or note cards.camden with arrow sm

New Studio!

For my friends, clients and colleagues who haven’t heard from me for a few days, we’ve been moving into the new studio. As you can see, we’ll be unpacking boxes for days...but the business is up and running, full steam ahead. With a view of Camden Harbor, gorgeous skylights and beautiful pine floors milled from trees on our property, it’s beginning to feel like home. Well, it practically is since home is right next store.

These photos show the studio in transition - from drywalling to unpacking. We still have a lot of work to do before the space is ready for an open house, but we’ll keep you apprised of the progress. If you’d like to drop in to see the studio, give us a call or email ahead to be sure we’re here.


Winter's around the corner

Feeling the nip in the air and the frost on it's way, I begin to turn my lenses inside, to capture the artisans of boat building in Maine. This year, I hope to travel afar to capture images of wooden boat building. If you know of that perfect picturesque barn with a wooden boat being built in it, please let me know! 09047_0327V2

Morning Moose in Downtown Camden

Knox Mill in downtown Camden, Maine had an unlikely visitor Tuesday morning…a moose. Moose sightings are not uncommon in Midcoast Maine, but this one wandered past Sage Market, heading for Deceptively New boutique. I had just arrived at the gallery and headed to Sage for my daily coffee when I heard there was a moose passing through. I was able to snap a few quick shots before the building was closed to the public. We wish her well with her travels.

Grab a copy of the Bangor Daily News to see my photos and full coverage of the story...then turn on Channel 8 News for more!

Sunny Day in Rockport

09029_0004 We had a nice sunny day in Maine so what better way to spend it than to take the kids out for a ride.  We took the dingy around Rockport harbor to do a little boat sightseeing.  Alex persisted on steering the boat while Iselin enjoyed the wind in her face.