Private Yacht Portrait


You will receive a thumb drive containing an edited selection from that day’s shoot. These images will be corrected (adjustments made in Photoshop, including cropping, levels and color) and saved as high-resolution jpegs. A selection of low-resolution jpegs, with Alison’s copyright embedded in the lower right hand corner of each image, will also be delivered. These can be used for social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.


You may use these images for personal use only. You are allowed to make as many prints as you like and have the freedom to use the images for years to come. We would be happy to assist you in making a variety of products using these images, including note cards, prints, photo books, cell phone covers, etc. Please inquire for product list and prices.

The Shoot:

Alison will arrange the time and day, according to weather and schedules, and may postpone shoots due to weather or other considerations. Alison will consult with client as to their needs and can shoot onboard, off board, interior, details, and family portraits and lifestyle. Please see her website for sample work.


Alison uses the top of the line Canon professional cameras, including the Canon 1DX and 5DII. Images are shot as raw files, and converted to jpegs for usage. File size allows you to enlarge the images to a poster print (30 X 45) and still maintain excellent sharpness and color saturation.

Chase Boat:

Alison uses a center console 25 ft. Mako, with a 250 hp outboard. The Mako has a custom-built 10 ft. platform tower for shooting. This allows Alison to get great angles from the tower and also helps keep her out of the spray if it’s blowing hard.

CONTACT US to schedule your private yacht portrait.