Limited edition, black and white prints for Williams-Sonoma

Two of my new black and white limited edition prints are now on sale with Williams-Sonoma. Jane posted this on Facebook and the response was extremely positive. Thanks everyone for your support.

I don't often do a 'reflection' post.  But a Norwegian friend of mine, fine art photographer Morten Loeberg, commented on the post -  'gone are the dark room days'. It brought back great memories of a decade ago, when I was living in Norway with Trygve and our newborn infant twins, Alexander and Iselin.  I would savor the moments when I could print in Morten's dark room through that deep dark winter of Norway. That was the last time I did traditional dark room printing.

Late nights and darkroom chemicals are not really healthy for anyone, but I miss the dark room time and the creativity of the process. I loved the split toning, dodging and burning, and all the wonderful papers that were available back then. When the kids are in college in another ten years, maybe I will find the time to unpack my darkroom and return to the craft I love.

Alison Langley